Harbourlife Premium Skin Care

Harbourlifes exclusive line of skin care remedies

Harbourlife Face cream is a terrific healing and moisturizing product. Often used to ward off signs of aging, 

We developed the product in St Jacobs.

At the time, it was a figurehead product for a line of herbals and other naturals called  Golden Village. It contains only natural ingredients, to ensure people who have allergies and sensitivities don't get reactions. Now , many folk swear by it, right accross the province and beyond! skin care Some use it all over their bodies!


Harbourlife Calendula Cream

Additional Information

OUR Calendula Cream , like the Original Face Cream, is elegant and therapeutic at the same time. Effectively , we simply added Calendula herbal oil to transform it into a healer for rashes of all sorts, including ROSACEA which it manages to settle within days.

A GOOD TIME to tell you about the basic premise of our line. No artificial ingredients , no synthetic byproducts or preservatives...Avocado, Calendula, Rice Bran, Castor oil, all procured organically. Grapefruit seed extract preserves, along with vitamin E oil. Wherever possible we sneak in some extra antioxidants to ensure we limit possibility of contamination.

Now we can't give away ALL OUR SECRETS, but suffice to say, once you use'em you never go back. 


Harbourlife Split Cream

Additional Information

Finger splits or "fissures" are a pain in the neck...so painful , even though they're often so small and minor. But they start right where the nerve endings end up exposed..

So we learned that by adding urea crystals (often used as fertilizer.  and derived from urine)  we can make the fissures incredibly more comfortable.

Always apply to moistened skin so after a bath or shower  is best.

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Harbourlife Magnesium Gel



Magnesium Gel 

 A topical gel for Cramps, Pain and Inflammation

Designed to promptly raise your body's magnesium topical creams

Harbourlife Magnesium Gel with Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate and DMSO

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Harbourlife Creams ...LOOK YOUNGER every day!


Essential Oils added to Creams


Essential Oils for aroma and healing potential....and they ward off insects, too!