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Feel free to contact us with any questions, inquiries, or to schedule an appointment. With our Holistic Therapy, you are sure to feel wellness like never before. From Midland, to Barrie and Toronto.

Harbourlife Holistic Remedies

231 King St Midland , Ont. L4R 3M1

(226) 444 7474 We are also available by appointment at Harbourlife Minerals,Supplements and Spa ... Located at 133 Bay Street, Victoria Harbour L0K 2A0. Cell Contact 70


Open today

10:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

Expanding our ability to help our community

Did you know we have locations in Midland and Victoria Harbour?

We have two locations, one in Midland and one in Victoria Harbour both ready to help you with your every health and wellness need. Call today or book online for your optimal health. Holistic healing means helping the the body heal naturally. This is done by providing the body the right opportunity to heal it's self. Everyone has this ability, let us help you unlock it. 

Gut health is the root of most heath concerns

We Always focus, in the first place, on your intestinal health. Ruling out a temperamental digestion makes sure that the first stage in the process is not ignored. It's kind  of like not checking the care  battery if you car doesn't start. All your cells need energy and we just want to make sure you're getting the your fair share, even if you're eating a terrific diet,  and you don't have any symptoms which may lead us  to suspect. 

News and Updates...Harbourlife 2019

We will be updating our website over the next while and Joseph MacDonald , consultant extraordinaire , has the project by its teeth!  Along with a generous donation by the Ontario Government and Digital Mainstreet,  our platform will leapfrog over continents as far away as Australia providing consultations online, by phone or snail mail as requested. Clients will be able to access  personalized anonymous  research on this site

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