Senior adults and prescribing may not lead to your wellness formula

JUNE 12, 2019 Nearly one in four adults prescribed medications that may worsen heart failure



Seniors' medicine


 Many drugs can cause harm.

In 2016, the American Heart Association published a list of medications that potentially cause or worsen heart failure. 

  People are prescribed these drugs  with the intention of treating hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, A/Fib and obesity, the researchers noted. 

 Ibuprofen (Advil) , a member of the  NSAID group, was the most frequently prescribed class .

Psychiatric medications like citalopram and where pinpointed culprits, too. 

Been there, done that!

How much of life have you truly taken in? If not much, was fear the decider?

Fear- based living has us in tatters in no time,...from our adrenals to our nervous systems, clearly, it's not a good way to live for most of us.