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Care is a concept we have lost


My name is David  Antebi and some of you may recognize me in this community ;   I used to manage a downtown community pharmacy here in Midland. Until  I became seriously ill with an  aortic aneurism, it was "us" and "them"   ...and I thought I represented the good guys...How many of  us have experienced  true  old fashioned caring ? The way we did for our kids so long ago? The way a doctor used to show up on a house call?

In my view ,  'care'  was  conscripted  to bring in money. 

There is a value in having others help us with our  health decisions. Have you ever experienced a change in your attitude or clarity , and felt unable to guarantee yourself  good personal decisions  

"How do I decide whether to take this prescribed antibiotic, narcotic, antidepressant?"

The mind is not removed from the body, so a sickness can often corrupt the decision making process.


Doctors are not encouraged to prescribe for themselves or their own families. At Harbourlife, we  focus a lens on the skew on perspective caused by ill-health. We aim to  provide an objective' 'filter funnel'  through  which we offer a more clear perspective, as we are  removed from your personal or family circle of associates .

Of course, I can layer on the benefits  of a lifetime of experience. Since 1982, when I graduated as a pharmacist in Scotland, I have worked in retail (a chain of pharmacies as a manager) until eventually taking a trip to Canada where I was offered a job in a hospital in North Bay, Ontario. I was given charge of the clinical department , along with the prescribing of medications for all palliative patients admitted.

That was the dawning of my lack of appreciation  for  the health system as being "health care professional" centred, not 'patient' centred. 

St Jacobs Mennonite Clients asked for natural alternatives


Fast forward, after having had my own pharmacies in St Jacobs and Elmira, and working in rehabilitation in Cambridge Ont., finally covering for pharmacists around Georgian Bay looking for a holiday. 

That's where I found the biggest holes in our system, and pledged not to keep cycling on the spot I left  the comfort of our cozy regulated profession. 

It was a tricky decision but the best one I ever made. Having re-trained in natural medicines, finally  I have access to the tools to help people and, in doing so, fulfil my higher purpose on this planet

Harbourlife will help you redevelop your concept of health and healing

And here's your formal welcome and introduction video to our Wellness Center. It is our Mission Statement and statement of purpose to help improve the health, and wellness of people all over Midland, Toronto and Barrie.

What direction are you heading?


Create your own future today. Understanding the consequences of your lifestyle is key to moving forward out of illness and remedy cycles. Learn about the connection between your behaviors and your state of well-being. Find answers in epigenetics (strategies you can adopt to duck from any curve balls that nature sends your way) ...Advice about the choices you make and the predictable patterns of outcome ...all this and much, much more at...Harbourlife Holistic Remedies (who doesn't want to have their fortune told?) Come to Harbourlife Holistic Remedies 231 King St, Midland, Ontario..and notice the difference...and that difference is you!

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crystal ball

Harbourlife Holistic Remedies Mission Statement

Our Mission

 Before David was an holistic practitioner, he trained as a pharmacist . Faced with a need to find an answer outside of prescription solutions for his Mennonite clients, he was prompted to grow his understanding of health beyond medication, and conventional wisdom.

Now,  his wider scope provides insight for many, whose health has fallen into the black hole of a less-than-helpful shoulder shrug, or a "let's do more tests" strategy. To add strength , he has  a way with words to translate his understanding in a way that you will appreciate. regardless of your education or background.



 Listen, there’s nothing like a second opinion, no? And there’s a lot to be said for advice like ours on tap! Whether we visit you at your home or you come to the store and make an appointment, or simply dropping In , we can guarantee useful friendly information in bite sized pieces, that won’t twist your tongue or bend your ears.

231 King St Midland,  opposite Good Life Chiropractic

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Harbourlife Creams made in-house
Harbourlife Creams made in-house


Harbourlife Holistic Remedies Disclaimer


Harbourlife Holistic Remedies Disclaimer

Harbourlife Holistic Remedies maintains limited liability in any interpretation of the brand or comments from aspects within or around the brand which don't portray the value and authenticity of our good intention. As discussed in our mission state, about page and goals for HLHR we are here to serve our community with any questions they may have related to their consumption, lifestyle or general health concerns. We are here as guides and advisors, we currently have no general practitioners on staff. However, we do maintain expertise In our specific fields, such as the gut health of the microbiome and the value of our healing treatments. We cannot guarantee a cure, however, most if not all our clients have had positive results with our guidance and treatments. Come in or call for a preview of what you can expect out of a consultation with David or treatment with Janet.

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Ethnobotanical Connection

Secret Human Plant Links

David's Early Interest 


 I acquired an interest in plant intelligence, growth and nurturing around the age of 16 when I came across a book in the house where I grew up in UK. 'the Secret Life of Plants' , I still have (and flick through from time to time)  Later on , I was given as a gift , a book about ethnobotany which I treasure. I became a pharmacist, yada yada, always , greatly influenced by these choice books . 

Ethnobotany is the science of the background and history of man's relationship with plants. The secret life of plants explored the extent to which plants exhibit intuitive life expression, and extrasensory definitive talent in detecting human emotions and other non-verbal communications. 

 I studied pharmacy in UK , and was inspired by my courses in pharmacognosy and phytochemistry to take things a step further. 

Pharmacognosy is the science of recognizing a plant's identity by it's macro (large ) characteristics as well as it's cellular (microscopic) features.




This quote sums it up for me..

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it." Steve Jobs

   I haven't found it yet, though I feel I've done great work, and been a positive influence on those around me. 


 So I'm looking for an opportunity to meet me in the electronic isles of the cannabis industry. In the meantime , you can find me at Harbourlife  Holistic Remedies

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Plants and Ethnobotany

Let's listen a little closer...

Did you know that plants don't need to move to get everything they need , and they don't become overweight!

Most of us humans believe that plants produce drugs for us...I don't. I am confident that nature has created drugs in plants so that even in it's limited mobility, Plants can  access those drugs for their own survival. We have evolved alongside them and have found, by trial and error, that we species share similar illnesses , similar remedies. Imagine living in the rain-forrest  and not knowing which root would counter a snake venom?  There is magic and evolution at work in the same cauldron.!

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Imagine a plant. It has no legs, and it goes slowly, veeeeery slowly. But it's ALIVE!

And just because you can't talk to it, doesn't mean it can't talk! 

It has cells, just like us, and we even have about a tenth of the same genetic material as they do.

Marijuana, daffodils, grass, tulips, dandelions, we've a long way to go before we can get a grasp of how intelligent they all actually are.  

Perhaps they are inspired by living and , unlike humans, don't mind dying. Maybe not, though?

Did you know that plants will grow faster and become more healthy overall when having Beethoven's concertos playing in the background.

I have so MUCH to share with you. 

 As much as anything, plants survive by absorbing what they need. Sure , they're susceptible to sickness  and weather challenges  (perhaps  more do) even  malnutrition, but the way they choose to nourish is amazing don't "pig" out.  We need to listen a lot closer to what plants are doing to survive.

More next post!