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Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. Buddha

Our Mission is your Wellbeing

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Everyone is different. Statistics may be great for the weather,but clumping  people together to find common ground in sickness ,oversimplifies the human condition. Holistic health bridges that gap, and celebrates what makes you different. It shines a flashlight on  individuality  instead of forcing your symptoms into a retreat .  We welcome your fact , you get to hold the flashlight while we identify any changes you need to make to support your body's own voice. Above all, don't be afraid to make a difference . If the doctor says there's nothing wrong, but you still don't feel right , come and see me at Harbourlife! 226 444 7474


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Harbourlife Holistic Remedies

231 King St Midland , Ont. L4R 3M1

(226) 444 7474 We are also available by appointment at Harbourlife Minerals,Supplements and Spa ... Located at 133 Bay Street, Victoria Harbour L0K 2A0. CELL CONTACT 705 446 6030





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We have 2 locations , one for consultations  (Midland)

 and one fr physical therapies (Victoria Harbour)

You can book either on line and we will confirm your 

submission however you invite us to.

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We ALWAYS focus, in the first place, on your intestinal health. Ruling out a temperamental digestion makes sure that the first stage in the process is not ignored. It's kind  of like not checking the care  battery if you car doesn't start. All your cells need energy and we just want to make sure you're getting the your fair share, even if you're eating a terrific diet,  and you don't have any symptoms which may lead us  to suspect. 

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